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Advanced LEGO Machines

Learning to solve problems using levers, pulleys, and gears teaches kids how our world works.  Building machines out of LEGO is just plain fun.  In our Simple LEGO Machines classes, students explore how levers manipulate and control objects, how pulleys make heavy things light, and what fascinating things we can do with gears.

Class begins with instruction and discussion followed by a custom Dallas Bricks model build.  Our models include step-by-step instruction, after which the students are encouraged to creatively modify and add to their model.

The LEGO models are designed to help the student explore numerous engineering principles.  We discuss those principles while building and apply what we've learned to solve simple mechanical problems.

This class is packed with one and a half hours of instruction, building and mechanical concepts.

Recommended Ages: 8 - 12


 Examples of some of our classes:



Other Example Classes: