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Custom LEGO Creations

David Hawkins, LEGO artist, builds custom LEGO creations for corporate events, individuals, and trade shows.  We can take your companie's project and turn it into a custom LEGO set with instructions.
I began building with LEGO around 1970.  Although I didn't build as much in my later teen years, I never completely gave up the hobby.  In 2009 I began building again with a renewed attention to realism and quality.  
If your organization is interested in a bid or would like more information about custom LEGO projects, email us at  My name is David Hawkins and I build with LEGO.
This LEGO map was custom built for the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary.  At 20' wide, 4 weeks of work, and with over 25,000 LEGO pieces this map is the largest creation I've done to date.
This snow covered scene was built for the University of North Texas.  This is a model of their campus covered in snow.  The university video department used the model to create a stop motion animation film for their 2017 holiday video.  It has around 15,000 LEGO pieces and took about 100 hours to build.
This is a LEGO replica of a website I created for a company out of Atlanta Georga.  It was built live at a trade show to bring attention to their booth.  The build took about 8 hours over two days.
The yellow monster, as I use to call it, was a commission build, which included building instructions, for an oil company out of Australia.  This is a replica of one of their pieces of equipment that sat on the ocean floor.  There are 2,301 pieces.  The instructions, with about 500 steps, were by far the most difficult part.
This model of the Great Wall of China was built for a local Dallas tv pilot.  They asked me to track the time and piece count which was about 21 hours and roughly 12,000 pieces.  The tv show was answering kids questions about walls that separate countries like the Great Wall of China or the Berlin wall.
Sometimes a bit of fun is in order.  This old truck takes me back in time to an era when some machines were still new and a bit cantankerous.   I built this old truck because I like old trucks.
This was a fun project.  Santa is in his warm hut working on a few new toy designs.  This display was created for a charity event.  There must have been some magic hanging around, because the windows do not have panes and there isn't really a door there... but it seems so warm inside.
The pot belly stove in the back helps keep the shop warm and miss Claus is there in the picture keeping watch over her man Santa.
My favorite LEGO builds are model railroad related.  I called this LEGO railroad Steamwood Falls.  With the extension, out of picture, if covers about 90 square feet.  It has hills, rivers, bridges, mines and more.  I built it just for fun.
These old tools are replicas of tools in my shop.  They are on long term display at a local library in the Dallas area.
I enjoy the challenge of building replicas.  This tripod was difficult because LEGO does not like to be arranged into 3's.  The handle and feet are made using tires.  
Here is another replica of a fire extinguisher in my shops back room.