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Post Christmas 2015, Hello 2016

So we made it through our first Christmas.  It was fun and exciting with a lot of work laced into the seems.  Sales were strong and many people discovered our store as they walked by.  As the dust from 2015 settles, we are already planning out events and new products for 2016.  

On the list of new events is birthday parties and Lego Master model builder events.  New products include lots of single Lego parts in small bulk packs, more speciality parts packs, more Brickarms items as well as the introduction of our own custom military and other kits.  Look for our LEGO Big Tex kit this summer.

We also received two old LEGO display units.  They came from local LEGO stores that no longer use them.  We filled them with display LEGO from the 60's and 70's and a few custom builds.

We are excited about what is coming this year.  Come by and say hi.  You might discover your inner child again.


David Hawkins

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