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After the opening...

So we opened our doors on Tuesday November 17th.  It was a rainy, quite day, but now that Christmas is on us, it has become very busy.  We are meeting many new faces and enjoying interacting with other fans of LEGO, both children and adults.  We spend most of our time getting new products ready for sale.  Putting out new sets is easy.  Deciding on how to best package various wheel sets and putting them in inventory is more time consuming.  So far the experience has been great.  We are very encouraged by our customer's comments.  Our first month has been good to us and we look forward to the rest of the Christmas season.

This is our first foray into retail locations so having a large, lighted sign designed and built for the front of our store was new to us.  It took long enough but the new sign arrive a few days ago.  Although there are a few modifications that have to be done, the sign looks great and is attracting numerous people to the store.  I often ask how someone knew about the store.  A frequent reply is that "we were walking across the street and saw the sign".  We are still working on in-store and window graphics and we continue to develop new product ideas.

Valerie put her creative skills to work and developed assorted Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations.  They have been received with lots of interest and enthusiasm.  Most recently Valerie began working on LEGO jewelry.  She has several nice bracelets and earring designs finished.


Either Valerie or I are always here as we are not ready to turn loose of the reigns yet.  Drop by for a visit if you have time and have a very Merry Christmas.


David & Valerie Hawkins 

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