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Remodel and Move

In the Fall of 2015, Valerie and I signed a temporary lease for a corner store location knowing that we would likely have to move within a year.  Temporary leases are designed to get you in the door with limited cost and commitment.  It also means that the lease can be canceled and given to someone else.  To be prepared for an eventual move we began looking for other spaces within the Firewheel Town Center.  We hoped to find a space that would give us a bit more room.  There were two spaces available although one was a bit to much for us to take on.  We choose the second space and we could not be happier.  Our new space is just across the street from our old location making it easy for our customers "not in the know about the move" to find us.  The timing could not have been better.  Within 3 weeks of us looking for a new location we were told that we would lose our current space by the end of April.  That gave us a little over two months to get our new store set up and moved into.

As remodels go it took longer and cost more than originally budgeted.  We were as prepared for both as we could be.  In the end we were closed for about 3 weeks while the remodel was completed.  We have since moved into our new location and are open for business once again.  With more square feet and a nicer interior, not to mention a better events room for parties and such, we are enjoying our new digs.

We were limited on display space before, now we have two large fenced off areas enabling us to setup a large train layout and other LEGO displays.  Our overall shelf and wall space has increased enough to give us room to grow while not being too big.  

It is a tremendous effort to open and maintain a retail store.  Finding and preparing product, getting the word out, and being there take a lot of energy.  We knew the move would not be easy.  We were spot on with that.  However, now that it is done and we are open once again, it was worth the effort.  To top it all off, we did it as a family.  Everybody pitched in spending long hours pushing carts and moving boxes.

Dallas Bricks, LLC is a family run business.  We have a strong passion for LEGO and decades of experience working and playing with these little pieces of colored plastic.  When you can, stop by and give us a visit.

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